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Brenda is an Oklahoma girl transplanted to the Pacific Northwest.  She was trained in physical therapy but quickly realized that was not her "calling".  As a young working woman Brenda loved spending time making her houses feel like homes.  After relocating to Portland, she  decided to stay at home with her two children.  This time really  allowed her to truly discover her passion for design as she got such joy from making beautiful spaces for her children.  She  treasured being a stay-at-home mom but as her children grew into teenagers she knew it was time to turn her passion into a livelihood!  Though Brenda has a natural eye for design she wanted to further solidify her credentials and attended the Heritage School of Interior Design in Portland.


With River & Rose the sky is the limit!  Kitchen and bathroom remodeling, space planning, color consultations,  procurement of furnishings and hard surfaces...........we do it all!







An Oklahoman at heart but a lover of Portland, Brenda wanted a name that represented both.  In Portland, we all know how prevalent both rivers and roses are, and low and behold the rose is actually the state flower of Oklahoma........voila.........the birth of River & Rose!


At River & Rose, design is our passion.  We pride ourselves on really listening to our clients wishes, ensuring their desires are met while offering suggestions along the way.  We will carefully manage your project and work within the constraints of your investment level.  River & Rose believes your home should be your retreat........the place where you feel safe, peaceful, and happy..........the place you want to show off to friends and family.  Your home  should envelope you in warmth!  

River & Rose knows design is in the details.  Let us bring all those details together to form a cohesive, balanced space in your home! 

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